Terms & Conditions

Brownie Quantities

Some brownie flavors are limited by quantity. If we need to substitute one flavor for another, we will contact you. 

Minimum Order

3 Brownies


Delivery Territory Schedule

We will deliver brownies to each territory on specific days specified in our facebook post. If your city is outside of the specified delivery area, but near by, there may be an addition delivery charge associated with your order. 


Free Delivery & Delivery Charges

1. Orders over 1/2 dozen will include FREE delivery within the delivery territory or selected cities to one address.


2. Orders between 3-5 brownies will include a delivery charge of $3 within the delivery territory or selected cities to one address.


3. Orders of any quantity outside of the delivery area will Include an addition delivery charge based on distance. Call ahead for details. 


Delivery Timeline

Based on the quantity of deliveries we receive in your area, we cannot guarantee a specific time. 



Once your order form is received, we will contact you for payment via Venmo or Square (credit card payments). Before we process your order for delivery, payment up-front will be required - NON-NEGOTIABLE.



You have made us aware of any and all allergens that you or the people receiving the brownies may have.



Store in freezer if not immediately consumed. Remove 15 mins before serving.