The Story Behind OHMB

"Original Hockey Mom  Brownies are the best brownies around!"

SINCE 2005

One brownie at a time!


Original Hockey Mom Brownies began back in 2005 where Patti, Andrew’s mom, was the team manager for Andover’s Bantam hockey team. The team had qualified for regions and she wanted to do something special for the team, so she booked a coach bus for all of the players and families to ride in. She knew that after a late night game, they weren’t going to be able to stop anywhere, so she decided to make a post-game treat….brownies! Instead of making the average brownie, she set to work on making little star-shaped brownies with each player’s number because they would always be her all-stars.


That one night turned into 12 years of brownie making, and Patti "the hockey mom" would make brownies for every occasion. Andrew’s friends would come over and ask if there were brownies in the freezer as SOON as they arrived. 12 years later, Andrew found himself in his corporate sales job, where they decided to restructure their compensation plan. He realized this was an opportunity to restructure his OWN compensation plan. After years of watching the addiction that these delicious little brownies created, he told his mom – this is the time to launch their “silly little brownie business”.



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April 12, 2016 was the day that OriginalHockey Mom Brownies officially launched. The brownies were promoted online to others that we knew, but we knew we had to take a bigger step. That’s when Patti suggested we get a food truck. In September of 2016, we hit the streets. We had no clue that OHMBrownies would be THIS big of a hit. We’ve made THOUSANDS of pans of brownies since 2005 and we keep on baking.

Now, we have ourfood truck, a location in Xcel Energy Center: Section 102, Target Field: Section 126 (North Shore Creamery) and our new brick & mortar location The Warming House by Original Hockey Mom Brownies (1700 Grand Ave Saint Paul, MN).