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Order our latest batch of amazing brownies! We have "Originals" like Chocolate, "Designers" like Cookies & Cream and "Specialities" like Minneapplecrisp.

About Us

"Original Hockey Mom Brownies are the best brownies around!"

OHMBrownies started in 2002 as a post-hockey game treat for founder Patti's son, Andrew, and his teammates. Officially launched in 2016, Original Hockey Mom Brownies now has the food truck, a location in Xcel Energy Center, pop up shops (most recently one in MOA - No longer there)

and a catering business.


"We feel so lucky to have our passion turn into a business, and we’ll keep going one brownie at a time!"

Events & Catering

"OHMBrownies made brownies for our wedding. They were a HIT!!!!"

Do you have a graduation, birthday, or any other celebratory ceremony in the works? We'd be happy to offer our catering services and our delicious brownies to sweeten up your special occasion. Please fill out the appropriate form so we know how we can best serve you!


We're excited to hear from you!


Food Truck&

XceL Schedule

"Their food truck was at my office today and I had to try them!"

Xcel Energy Center Section 102

"Incredible brownies. You can't beat them!"

Did you know that you can find your favorite gooey OHMBrownies with ice cream in section 102 at the Xcel Energy Center in section 102 across from Gate 1. We’re open for all Wild games, concerts and high school events. Want to know what’s on our secret or gluten-free menu for the night? Make sure you like us on facebook!

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"The best brownie I've ever purchased."

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"Every brownie I tried was outstanding."